The Void Manifesto

The void is the only reality.

We love heavy music. We love the feeling of distortion piercing every particle in our body and every part of our mind. We worship the riff.

This is Into The Void Podcast. A sonic fanzine that explores the heavy underground of rock. Call it stoner, call it doom, call it sludge, call it whatever you want. We call it heavy.

And we want to tell you the story of the heavy underground as it happens by playing you the latest and most exciting music from the scene and by talking to the people that makes this music. But not only the with musicians but the record label owners, the promoters of shows, the artists who makes the album covers and anyone else that makes this great underground scene so great.

And you won't get the usual boring interviews. No, you will get real conversations about life with heavy music. It will be long in-depth talks raw and mostly unedited so that you will get to know the people for real.

This is Into The Void Podcast.

Stay tuned. Stay heavy.